Sunrise Carol
Silence preceding the moment of morning, 
Nature is napping ere dawning of day,
dim glow the stars after night sky adorning, 
all Earth prepares to tuck twilight away.
Palest pink to mask the moon!
Beauty beneath its first leaf it is shaking, 
lighten the long-shaded wood now awaking
gentle the joy of new morning is breaking!

Swiftly the sky on horizon of heather, 
laced with its long-fingered phalanx of gold,
shifting the shadows of deep midnight's tether, 
ocean to shape and tall mountain to mold.
Radiant red, ignite the gloom!
Fleet are the fires their high heaven consuming, 
spectral resplendence its beauty is blooming
mighty the mirth of new morning resuming!

Dewdrops have dampened the greenest of grassblades, 
crystals to capture young Daybreak's first ray,
glisten the glades which were shrouded in soft shades, 
Life is alighting, its passion to play.
Brilliant beams on brightest blue!
World, now awake! this your cadence is calling, 
so clear the cloak of night fast is now falling
blinding the bliss of new morning enthralling!